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Whether you're looking for someone that's handy on-the-tools or a qualified tradesman. Grey Tradie puts you in touch with a real person, in real time, now!
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Here's a few scenarios on how Grey Tradie can work for you.
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The instant way to find a job site ready workforce.
When you need someone to
dig you out of a hole.

Grey Tradie is the new way to find your local labour force in real time. Whether you need help now or simply an assessment of the work to be performed.

The app allows you to search for a range of available tradesmen and labourers via GPS in your local area.

You can see their profiles straight away and even their proximity to you and call them in for either a quote and/or immediate start.

The tradies and labourers day rates are all upfront, so their are no surprises.

The Grey Tradie philosophy is based upon honesty, reliability with a positive, can do attitude.

It's that simple!
Send out an original expression of friendship to your friends, family and colleagues. A picture is worth a thousand words and a w;nkee is worth a thousand more. Collect them all today!
W;nkees created by John Kulper and animated by Devika Joglekar.
As you purchase each w;nkee, you will be sent a 150x150 watermark-free image.
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Team History
All Planet was founded in Sydney, Australia by John Kulper in 1996; along with his wife Milu Kulper.
They originally developed John’s concept of a travel business with some light publishing.
In 2004 they entered the technology arena with a revolutionary game based 3D home design business.
Today the company is still run by the founding member John, who develops fun and interesting social apps, games, animations and stories.
“Our ideas are brought to life by our family of developers, designers, consultants, professionals and freelance staff.” - JK
John Kulper JP
Managing Director
Besides being a serious businessman, glued to his computer from sun up to sun down. John enjoys yoga, green tea, good conversation and long walks with his children. He also enjoys smoking the occasional bubble pipe; which is a guaranteed "dad's joke laugh" every time with his kids.
Milu Kulper JP
At a very young age, Milu would admire her mother in the kitchen. Now she has her very own oven, stove and bench top. She puts it all to very good use by baking up a storm and creating signature meals for her family, friends and clients. She is also heavily addicted to Candy Crush!
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